The snow drops are out. Yeah!

8 , February , 2017 Michelle Bolton

The snow drops are out. Yeah!

Not at their peak yet but the snow drops are in flower, usually they are at their best around half term week. I like to get up close and personal with snow drops to really appreciate them, I’m afraid you will need to go on your hands and knees for this. Look at the lovely limey green markings on the pure white (different for different varieties), note the scent and look out for honey bees on a warmer days. These doubles are in amongst my primroses (will be out later) under the oaks. Snow drops like a bit more moisture than many other bulbs and if I’m honest under the oaks on our sandy soil is a bit dry but still worth growing.  If you can’t acheive the gorgeous enmass show found at the big houses, doubles are a good choice as they are more showy. I like to underplant the red stemmed dogwood with snow drops, a classic combination.




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