To achieve a beautiful garden that makes you smile requires me to lead you through a number of stages:

Initial Consultation

I’ll meet with you for a chat about how I can help you. You in turn will be able browse through my portfolio of completed designs. We can then walk around your garden discussing what you would like from it in the future. I can then advise on the best way forward for your budget and give you a price for the design work. When I get back to the office I will write a letter covering our discussions which will act as a design brief. It will also confirm the service I’m offering and my fees in writing.

Going Ahead

If you would then like me to go ahead with the design we can set a date for the garden survey.

Garden Survey

Ellis Survey 2I will visit your garden again to measure up, enabling me to produce an accurate scale plan which will include any change of levels, existing features, where the utilities run and the planting. I will also look at how you currently use the garden including access routes, if there are features such as views or existing trees that need protecting or enhancing, and if there are any issues for example privacy or eyesores. Then I will analyse the soil, how the sun moves through garden and the direction of the prevailing wind. At this stage I will start keeping a photographic record with your permission. Once this is done I will look critically at how to make the best of your garden, bearing in mind your requirements.



Design Ideas

I will produce two scale drawings of the proposed features, which express different design ideas but both fulfilling your needs and wishes for your garden. At this stage we will meet again, as well as the designs, photographs will help you to envisage the style, the materials and the plants to be used. It may be that you really like one or other of the designs, you may want to mix and match ideas from both designs or make other modifications. I will bring with me ballpark cost of for each design.

Ellis Design 1                                                                                           Ellis Design 2


The Final DesignEllis Final Dessign-Layout2

Next I will present to you the completed design including changes made  and agreed raw materials as a glossy A2 presentation.





Scale Drawing with Measurements

Ellis Final Design Measurements2An A2 working document to help make your design a reality. It can be copied for giving to  landscapers and will include materials for use where agreed.






Planting Plan

Whiting Planting PlanAt the same time we can discuss, with the aid of plant reference books, the detailed planting plan that I have produced. I can always leave the books with you for a while, so that you can see some more of the plants I have selected.






Building Your New Garden

You can use the design to build the garden yourself or engage landscapers to implement the plans


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