Chalk Spring Garden

Chalk Spring Garden

rose_318-133443The soil here varied from sand to clay from top to bottom and some parts were shady whilst others were in bright sunshine. In addition there were major problems with weeds and rabbits. Unfortunately the rabbits didn’t eat the weeds! This was a big project that took a lot of establishing, but was well worth the effort.


Mrs Lesley Dunn, Somerby. Feb 17

My unmanageable garden without shape, has now taken shape thanks to Michelle.
The natural spring that runs through our garden was hidden by overgrown shrubbery, Michelle has transformed it into a lovely walkway with beautiful flowers starting with the snowdrops. The spring is now a feature in our garden. Maintain regularly by Michelle I am delighted with everything she has done. Michelle is very conscientious with her work, from her first visit, the plans she drew up and then the hard work of turning an overgrown area into a beautiful one. I am very happy to recommend Michelle to anyone that needs help in the garden.
Kind Regards



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