Border Design

"Right Plant, Right Place" - Beth Chatto

Border Design

rose_318-133443As a qualified horticulturalist I will design & shape garden borders from scratch or enhance existing ones. Together we can look at the style of border you would like, whether you want cottage garden, herbaceous, rockery, contemporary block planting,  mixed or formal. I can make sure that the plants I use are suitable for your garden & borders by looking at the soil and the microclimate. I understand how plants grow over time, how they will look together and where they sit best in the border.


I ask that my plants have at least two roles, such as

  • Function – ground cover, climber.
  • Structure & shape – horizontal stem, columnar, round.
  • Leaf, stem or flower colour – variegation, attractive trunks.
  • Leaf shape & texture – tiny, palmate, furry, glossy, spiky.
  • Seasonality, a border should still look good in winter & includes berries or fruit
  • Scent

Additionally I will bear in mind how much time you have for looking after your border. I will produce a planting plan using photographs, together with a plant list, to help you envisage how borders will develop over time.

You can then purchase the plants and do the planting yourself or get a local gardener to do it for you.




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